Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry cartoons are one of the most popular cartoon series of all time. The cartoon is based on the comic strip, which was created by William M. Catton in 1927.

The first Tom and Jerry cartoon was released on February 26, 1937. The series was based on a series of comic strips published in the New York Herald Tribune.

Tom and Jerry is a popular cartoon character and comic strip created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera in 1939. The comic strips are about a cat and a mouse, who always get into trouble. Tom is white and blue, with whiskers on his face and tail. Jerry is black and white, with large ears, a long nose, and red eyes. He is often seen in red shirts and trousers.

Tom and Jerry coloring pages for kids are a great way to bring out the child in each of you. These pages from the classic cartoon show are simple and easy to color in. Kids will have fun coloring these pages and then they can print them out and use them as coloring books.