Emergency landing coloring page

Small plane emergency landed in grassy field with people aiding occupants.
This exciting coloring page features a small airplane making an emergency landing in a grassy field. Behind the plane is a large billowing plume of smoke, and on the ground near the plane there are many people helping the occupants out of the plane. The background of the coloring page is made up of trees and tall grass, giving the scene a peaceful, natural feel. To color this page, I would start with the airplane at the center of the page. I would use shades of yellow and orange with light shades of blue to create a realistic feeling of the plane landing in the bright sunlight. For the trees and field, I could use vibrant greens and earthy browns to give a natural look to the landscape. To really bring the scene to life, I would pick flaming reds and oranges to color in the plume of smoke behind the plane.