Collar coloring page

A happy pup wears a blue & white collar, eagerly awaiting a treat or some petting against a light blue backdrop.
This happy little pup can hardly contain its excitement as a bright blue and white collar is put around its neck. Its head is tilted up, eagerly awaiting a special treat for being such a good pup. The sky-blue background contrasts the pup's coat, accentuating its joyful posture. To bring this picture to life, shading and different tones will help express the pup's playful spirit. Adding color to the collar—like a deep royal blue—and using the same blue for the pup's eyes will help create a sense that the pup truly trusts and loves its owner. Blending warm and cool hues, like a tawny light orange for the pup's fur and a powder blue for the background, will make this dog come to life.