A bird on a tree coloring page

A small brown bird sings atop a bare tree branch, eyes closed.
This delightful little bird appears to be singing joyfully from its perch atop a spindly, leafless tree branch. Its deep brown body is adorably offset by its bright yellow beak and a cheerful pink spot on its head. The bird is perched with eyes closed, completely at peace and in the moment. It’s a remarkably peaceful image that can be made even more special with a few simple colouring choices. I suggest yellow for its beak, gold for its feet and tail feathers, and light green for its body. Select a warm, vibrant yellow to bring out its cheery mood, and add white highlights to its wings and neck to create a unique and dimensional effect. Finally, opt for a greenish-blue to suggest its tree branch. With a few touches of colour, this charming bird can come alive on the page.