The Little Humpbacked Horse coloring page

Pyotr & his magical horse go from dream to reality, encountering brave acts & loyal friendship along the way. #TheLittleHumpbackedHorse
This coloring page depicts the beloved Russian folktale of Pyotr and the Little Humpbacked Horse. Pyotr stands at the center of this image, with a look of determination and courage on his face. He is surrounded by various characters from the story. On his back, the Little Humpbacked Horse offers Pyotr a ride with its back, readying for adventure. This coloring page offers a wealth of color possibilities. The lightest shades of blue, green and yellow can be used to draw attention to the figures in the foreground and the vibrant reds and blues to highlight the vibrant landscape. For a bolder look, shades of purple, orange and yellow can be used to create a more fanciful scene. If you’re going for a more subtle feel, keep things a bit more muted, using softer shades of the same colors while still carefully defining lines and shapes.