Firebird coloring page

Small brown horse in center of page, standing on green grass with large tree behind. Has hump and long, curly tail. Looking at camera with big, brown eyes. #colorpage #horse #coloring
The little brown horse peers out from the coloring page with his warm gaze. His strong, sturdy body is dotted with black speckles, a reminder of his loyal nature. On his back is a gentle bump, a unique feature that makes him stand out from the crowd. His tail curls in impressive ringlets, long and graceful. All around him is a lush landscape, green grass, and a sturdy tree behind him. How you choose to color this picture is completely up to you. You could make the horse brown, with a mane of dark bronze, or you could even go with a glittery, rainbow hue. The sky blue and cream, the grass a bright hue of green. Use your imagination, and have fun!