Patterned dress coloring page

A woman stands in a field in traditional dress, hands clasped behind her head, wearing a white headscarf. A peaceful scene.
This woman stands gracefully and confidently in a peaceful field of tall grass, dressed in a traditional Mezen dress that is vibrant and patterned with flowers. Her arms are held high above her head, with her hands clasped, and a white headscarf is draped over her abundant dark hair. When coloring this page, I would suggest starting with the woman. Her graceful pose and the beautiful design of her dress could be enhanced with shades of blue and pink, along with touches of yellow and green. The field of tall grass that she stands among could be filled in with different shades of green while the background could be a yellowish-orange, or a deep blue. To bring this image to life, use splashes of bright color, to create a sense of joy and bliss.