Outfits of Russian beauties coloring page

Russian women in traditional clothing standing in bright colors against a scenic background, creating a pleasing effect. #RussianFolkArt
The beautiful Mezhen painting portrays several Russian peasant women, portrayed in traditional attire. The vibrant colors and patterns of the women's clothing are in stark contrast against the still and gentle backdrop, creating a stunning visual effect. The women, with their round faces, warm smiles, and lively eyes, appear to be in motion, lifting their skirts and spinning around. Flowers are in some hands, adding another layer of texture to the rich artistry. To color this piece, I would recommend sticking to the traditional colors of the Russian folk costumes. Reds, greens, and blues will look great as the colors of the women's dresses. The background should also be done in gentle, muted hues for a pleasing contrast. Using details such as a sunset orange in the sky, or shadows of blues, greens, and purples in the landscape will bring dimension and movement to the painting. Finally, adding bright colors, such as yellow and pink, to the flowers will finish this beautiful piece.