Buggy coloring page

ActionMan Buggy: Blue vehicle w/ orange flames, yellow seat & steering wheel, yellow canopy, 4 black tires, 2 yellow lights.
This Buggy is a great option for bringing fun and action everywhere you go. The base color of the buggy is blue, with orange flames racing up both sides, making it a real eye-catcher. The four round, black tires provide good stability, and a yellow seat inside gives some comfort. The yellow canopy will protect you from the sun, and the two yellow lights on the front of the buggy ensure that you travel safely. To get the most out of this coloring page, I would suggest coloring the overall blue body with shades of light blue, dark blue and navy blue, while using bright oranges, yellows and reds for the flames on the side. For the seat and canopy, give it a bright yellow to pop and the front lights should also be colored in yellow. The black tires can be shaded in various shades of gray and/or black. In the end, this ActionMan - Buggy will really look cool when you add your own personal touch!