He is a scuba diver coloring page

He wears a wetsuit, flippers, diving mask, oxygen tank, and has a spear gun ready.
This adventurous diver is ready to make his grand plunge into the deep. He is clad in a sleek black wetsuit, which will enable him to explore the depths with ease. His flippers propel him forward on his journey, while a diving mask and oxygen tank keep him safe. He is armed with a spear gun, which will help him to fend off any unexpected threats. To color this scene, you could use shades of blues and green to create the depths of the sea, as well as small touches of brown to suggest rocks and coral. Perhaps you could add splashes of vibrant yellow and orange to represent small fish and other sea life. Finally, you could give his wetsuit and gear a metallic shimmer to make them stand out against the sea.