Boat coloring page

A yellow plastic boat w/ a red & white striped flag, blue & white life jacket, & a handle on the back - the perfect toy for kids!
This coloring page features a delightful yellow toy boat, perfect for children to play with in the pool or at the beach. It has been carefully crafted out of plastic with a handle on the back so it is easy to hold and move around. On the front of the boat is a red and white striped flag and on the side a blue and white life jacket. To add even more detail, the bottom of the boat has a series of light blue circles for a bright and fun effect. When coloring this picture, I would use warm colors like red, yellow and blue to bring out the vibrant colors of the toy boat. The stripes of the flag could be made with an alternating pattern of red and white and the life jacket could be different shades of blue to recreate the real life color. The circles at the bottom could be made into any color of your choice to make the boat unique and inviting. Finally, the entire boat could be tinted with a light yellow to give a bright sun-shine effect.